Sunday, 30 October 2011

Live Art Review


LIEBIG12 is proud to announce an upcoming performative exhibition in Berlin. 

The exhibition will take place on 4th December.

We are offering the opportunity for artists and critics to come together for an exposing event, followed by an exhibition.

Artists are invited to show 1 work in a group exhibition, critics are invited to review the works on show.

There will be an opening/vernissage of the exhibition where a live discussion will take place about the works led by 

the participating critics and the audience.

There will be a stage (created by the artist Catriona Robertson curator of this happening together with Davide Daninos and 

Liebig12 - Atelier runned by Allegra Solitude) 

where each artist will present their work and have their work reviewed live by the critics 

(this only needs to be a few sentences, or as long as they like).

The stage represents the plinth, a platform for art, and the stage as a platform for a performance. 

The critics review and the discussion of the artist together becomes like a performance on stage,

 instead of behind closed doors and in articles after the exhibition.

The work the artist chooses to show might not necessarily be a live medium, 

as it will become a part of an entire performance through the presence of 

the artist, the work, the critic and the audience, and most importantly the atmosphere created by the tone of the review 

(positive and negative). 

Artists – show your work (performance, video, painting, sculpture, installation etc welcome).

Please send an email with images and description of your existing work. 

Critics – if you are an art critic, performance critic, or any kind of critic (e.g food, travel), 

an artist or anyone who wants to give their opinion in the role of a critic, 

please get in contact by email.

Please submit your applications asap to

Deadline for application now extended till 20th of November.

Artist should be available to install their work few days before and pick it up afterwards. 

Please get in contact for more information!


The exhibition and stage are set up in the space (a few days before the opening)

The artist and critic go up on stage together.

The artist introduces themselves, and the work (in less than 5 minutes) even if this is a performance, it could be done at this point.

Or a film will need to be shown partially (if it is longer than 5). 

They might only need to say a short sentence if they prefer.

The critic then takes over, and can interview the artists directly, or just say their immediate reaction. 

This will last no longer than 10 minutes. 

After the critic has finished, the audience can say their opinion if they would like to.

This would then mean the whole discussion lasts about 2 hours (based on 7 artists).

Then we have a break of 1 hour.

Then there is a performance by the Band (possibly) which doesnt need to be long, depending on what they want to do.

Then there is time after for drinks etc. 

So the whole structure could work for 1 evening event.

After the opening the exhibition will last 1 more week.

The opening will be documented and transcribed into a blog.

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